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Tanglewood Foundation was established to encourage the preservation and promotion of rare and heritage breed domestic animals as well as the Native and agricultural heritage connected to them through education, advocacy, and conservation. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to respectfully steward our natural resources to ensure the long term health and survival of our natural and cultural heritage. We strive to promote knowledge and preservation of rare and heritage breed domestic animals and plants as well as an agro-ecosystem approach of cultivating and utilizing these natural resources. By preserving traditional farming and processing methods used by Native peoples and early pastoralists, we strive to harmonize our work of preserving rare breeds and the cultures that supported their growth and development.

Our Plan

Worldwide there are 4,000 breeds of domestic animals, over 1,000 of which are in critical need of conservation to ensure their survival. On average, one breed of livestock goes extinct each month, which is a permanent loss of valuable genetics. At Tanglewood Foundation, we are working together with other breeders to increase the population size and ensure genetic diversity in our rare and heritage breeds. By promoting responsible breeding and facilitating the exchange of genetics within the population, we hope to secure the continued existence and viability of these breeds. These breeds of plants and animals hold a wealth of genetic materials that are key to the sustainability of our agricultural system. 

In addition to working with rare and heritage breeds, we are working to preserve the knowledge of these livestock and the methods of utilizing their products to create an economically and ecologically responsible pastoral system. Through educational programs and exhibits we work to share the linked history of the rare breeds and the traditional Native and agropastoralist lifeways that rely upon the breeds.

Our Mission

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